Springing into Spring

Top: Zara; Jeans: Topshop Boutique; Shoes: Topshop Unique

 Spring is on its way but before it arrives we have to go through that weird transitional stage where wearing our winter wardrobe doesn’t seem fresh enough and is slightly too warm yet you’re not quite ready to get your bikini out. I went shopping and picked out some perfect outfits to get me through this transition and will also be perfect for Spring.

There appears to be a lot of light pastel colours which aren’t really the best colours for me but also some really vibrant colours like yellow. Stripes always seem to come back around every year so if you don’t fancy buying anything new maybe try routing through some of last years wardrobe. As I have started prepping my spring wardrobe I’ve tended to buy cheaper tops and a few affordable casual dresses from Zara and spent a little more on the Bottom half.

Dress: Zara

I have to admit my usual high street choice is Topshop and although I will always be a Topshop girl, I’ve found that unless its in the Boutique or Unique range, Topshop has lost its edge. The last few seasons I have turned to Zara. I think they are great for your everyday street style and it’s much more affordable.

Dress: Zara

Ruffles and frills seem to be dominating this season whether it be on a skirt or a top you just can’t get away from them although I like that it makes what would usually be a quite plain skirt something a little different. I feel a strong 80s influence coming through and for the time being I actually don’t mind it. There is still much more shopping to do before I have completed my perfect spring wardrobe but its a great way to start. Next on the list is definitely some new shoes!

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