Top Of The Shops

This past week brought us London Fashion Week and one of my favourite events is the Topshop Unique show. I believe they have revolutionised the way fashion shows will be and how we shop. Not only do they live stream the show on various platforms but you can now shop the runway looks straight after show. A shopaholics dream!



Topshop Unique is my favourite collection from Topshop but it is much pricier than their usual stuff. I must admit its definitely gone up since it first started but hasn’t everything. I think the price is justified as TU is only available in the London Oxford Street store and a limited selection online and on Net-a-Porter. Once its gone it’s gone making it exclusive, I guess you could say its Unique! The quality is a lot better than most Topshop clothing and the items I’ve had from previous seasons have lasted many years, I’m always bringing them back out thanks to their timeless designs.

This years catwalk had some great looks, lots of bright colours. It had a few 90’s influences and very slouchy feel to a lot of the clothing. I was a fan of most of the looks except this oversized jumper. I know the looks you see on the catwalk are over exaggerated and not exactly how you would wear it walking down the street but I just hate how this was styled. I mean how do I pick anything up?

 Obviously I bought a few items, I tried not to go too crazy so bought the more statement looks that I can pair with my more affordable tops and bottoms. I purchased this dress which is also available in a mustard colour but I opted for the floral because I have a few yellow dresses already. This is the perfect dress for spring/summer and can easily be dressed up or down.

I also got two pairs of trousers which as I said will go perfect with my recent purchases from Zara. I loved these cargo trousers on the catwalk but the picture on the website put me off slightly as they didn’t look quite as cool but I bought them anyway. Turns out they look more like the website picture than the runway but the great thing about buying online  is you can return for free.

The last item I got was this striped shirt dress, because you can’t go wrong with a shirt dress. Its my favourite colour and I love the detail on the belt, it really helps cinch you in.


Luckily for me and my bank account the looks that went on sale straight after the show weren’t my top picks so I didn’t get too carried away but I can’t promise I won’t when the full collection goes on sale. I already have my eye one a chic cream dress and some funky yellow ankle boots.

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