My name is Yasmin Bianca Harrison. I’m originally from a little town called Farington in the North West of England but for the last 7 years I have lived in the wonderful city of  London pursuing my dream of being a professional Dancer.

I’m an Only child (lucky me) and my mum taught me many things in life but mainly how to be a successful shopaholic. I live with my boyfriend Glen and my wonderful housemate Katie!

Ive danced since I was 18 months old and only ever wanted to be a performer and  I have been lucky enough that my childhood dream has become reality! 

Things I love (Apart from my family & Friends

  • Fashion
  • Harry Potter
  • Romantic Comedies
  • Birthdays
  • Disney
  • Game

Things I DON’T Love

  • Dogs (My Biggest Fear)
  • Swimming (My Second biggest fear)
  • Non-matching Underwear
  • Kitten Heels 
  • People that walk slow
  • People touching my food

Welcome to my WORLD..Take a look around and I hope you enjoy!

“Everyday is a FASHION SHOW and the World is your RUNWAY” – Coco Chanel